Same Situations – Different Outcomes

We’re experiencing the same situation worldwide, 

however, we will all have completely different outcomes.

Similar to life.  We all have the same similar options in life,

yet, we all have drastically different outcomes in life.

Sure, we may have the same options, however,

some opportunities may not be the same for others.

How we receive it, respond to it, 

or how we may take action on it may be entirely different.

For example, let’s take a look at the current situation.

We’re all experiencing the same quarantine lockdown.

This virus is nonbias to a person’s color or status, creed or country.

Not caring who it may infect, making us all receptible to it.

This makes us all in the same situation.

Yet, we will all have completely different outcomes.

There are two underlining determining factors for this.

One, is that we all choose how we handle situations differently

depending on which way we look at the situation.

We all view situations differently depending on the lens and perspective perceiving it from.

Some may view it as an opportunity for new development and growth,

while others may view it as a victim of these strange circumstances.

The situation may be the same, but the way we look at it 

and act on it is completely different in comparison.

It becomes a difference of

Life happens “to you”… or Life happens “for you”

Everything that happens is a “new opportunity”

or everything that happens is a “new obstacle” to have to deal with.

We can choose to look at the “problems” of the situation, 

or rather focus on the “solutions” and opportunities for the situation. 

We can take this current situation and compare it to the same opportunities in life, same choices for an individual person, yet different outcomes.

What we do, entirely depends on each individual’s choice of how they perceive it and how they take action in response to it.

What shapes us is not the situation, but how we respond to the situations.

This is the true wager of character.  How we respond and how we adapt is what truly defines.

This first factor is something we can solely entirely choose for ourselves and change, direct, and design the path for our lives.

The second factor is entirely different from the first.

This one can be considered beyond a person’s general control

depending on what they may have been born into. 

We are all experiencing the same situation, the same storm, 

but we are not all in the same boat or on the same ship.

Same storm.  Same ocean.  Different vessels.

Some will sail with the current.  Others away from it.

Some will have a vessel to sustain the rough current.  

Others will not be able to survive the rough current.

This makes the situation of the storm the same, however, 

the experiences and outcomes vastly different and 

may not be as favorable for others.

We are all experiencing different dynamics from this situation.

This is why It is important to retain empathy during any crisis for all others.

Knowing that we are in this together, however, not all able to experience the same opportunities from it or through it.

This makes these indifferences and imbalances more reflective and more relevant than ever before during this strange time of the storm.

Some will be able to spend more time with their family during this quarantine and be able to make it through this sensitive time together with the help of their families.

While others will fall deeper into loneliness and depression

because they lost their family or have no family.

Some will be losing their jobs, while others will have the opportunity to 

rebuild and create new jobs.

Some may be able to bounce back into this new economy,

while others may never be able to find new means to survive the economy.

We are all experiencing very different journeys through this same storm.

Again, life, showing us the differences magnified and the free-will of choice.

The important lessons from this are to find ways to be united not divided and to stay humble considerate and caring for one another.

The other is the amazing gift of being able to choose how we respond 

to this crisis, to any situation, or to life itself altogether.  

This amazing gift is each of our own individual choices.

We will all emerge in our own unique ways, changing the course of our lives forever, and hopefully all for the better.

Max La Vida

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

“The Light is On”

Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life

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