“My Love Affair with My Refrigerator”

MLV Comedy Moments

“My Love Affair with My Refrigerator”

I’ve been cheating ever since quarantine

I am having a love affair

I can’t stop thinking about it

It crosses my mind every hour

And stimulates me from deep down inside 

To the very core of my heart and gut

I feel like I want to know about everything that’s inside of it

Even the coldest parts of it… even the parts that have become frozen inside

I know I am thinking about it too much

but I can’t seem to get it off my mind

I still love you & my family very much

But I can’t seem to stop thinking about it

I think I have fallen in love

It has triggered all of my emotions

I dream of it, I can smell it, feel it & especially taste it 

I think I need professional help

Please help me … don’t leave me

Perhaps a threesome?

MLV Comedy

“Momemnts of Humor — Laughter is the Best Medicine”

Max La Vida

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