Dealing With Post-Pandemic Changes P.1

In this week’s topic, we will be diving into questions and concerns on how to deal with all the new post-pandemic changes, and this “new normal” coined by our media programming networks. 

We are told that we need to stay six feet separated and masked to stay alive. Although, the data to confirm or prove this is unstable and conflicting.

The new visual billboards posted and seen in different cities all around the world with signs to encourage six feet of distance and separation seem stranger than fiction. 

Susana Distancia

We were already suffering from distancing and disconnection as a result of social media distancing and the changes from living more digitally rather than interacting more physically with one another.

Decades of distancing from social media have proven alarming concerns of disconnection in our societies and families, with serious spikes in depression, drug abuse of anti-depressants, mental illness, and suicides. 

We were already living in our own separated little bubbles within our societies. What was really needed was more interaction with one another and with groups, not more sliding into separation and disconnect from physical human contact.

Study research statistics show that we need to feel a part of something to be healthy. To feel needed and wanted, physically not more imaginary digitally-virtually. 

To feel real again — with real human contact, with purpose in our lives to contribute to one another. 

This is the origin and the original solution for healthy balanced lifestyles in our societies. This is what we have all needed to change and implement more into our lives, not less.

This “new normal” future appears bleak and to be supporting more disconnection from the main fundamentals that keep us alive and living healthy balanced lifestyles.

Sure we can turn ourselves into avatars now, turn our experiences into digital, and our visits into virtual. However, is that a real genuine experience and a healthy lifestyle for us?

Everything historically proves that we were not meant or created to live in such distance from one another and demonstrates that we are more alive and thrive more when united and experiencing life assisting one another together.

This feels like an attack on the basic necessities that make us human. Six feet of separation from humanity while connecting us more Artificially, to AI. 

Identifying everything is a necessity for overcoming anything and learning how to cope, adapt, defend and deal with what’s ahead.

Once you’ve identified what’s ahead, rather than being unaware or blind to it, you can begin to strategize on how to deal with the different issues that present themselves to you and be prepared as they approach.

We have now identified that we will be falling into more distance and disconnection than ever before. Knowing this, we can plan and prepare to supplement feelings of disconnect that we’ll be forced to experience.

We can begin to plan to go out of our way to stay connected to one another by attempting a few of these ideas below, all while staying a safe normal distance across the table from one another as we usually would anyhow.

• Still have that meeting in person rather than on video zoom or skype.

• Go out with a friend somewhere you would normally go to, with a safe distance. 

• Visit places you’ve always enjoyed, safely, they would appreciate your visit and your business, greatly.

• Support a local business or restaurant instead, safely. We all need each other’s support to survive this. 

• Start a get-together-safely group within your industry, and meet monthly or bi-weekly, somewhere safely.

• Visit the outdoors, walk, run, or cycle through nature or places of interest. 

• Go out of your way to stay connected to people that matter to you, or people you would like to meet up with. Physically see people. 

Cover up and be safe, but go out and be human. Don’t be afraid, it matters more than ever before. 

Try not to slide into disconnect and separation or allow the decline of fundamental human necessities and rights. 

During these “new normal” times — go out of your way and be more intentional and purposeful than ever before. Humanity is depending on it.

This is part one of a series tackling “how to deal” with all the new post-pandemic changes approaching and the “new normal” we’re entering. 

Share your comments related, questions or interest, or stories related as we approach these times together. 

Part two of this series coming next week.

Stay connected.

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