Create Innovate

Create and Innovate or Disintegrate.

To Create is King. 

Innovation is the catalyst & substance of creating. 

It is the purity, the newness, the simplicity of creativity.

The divinity of expressing true originality.

The power to create is the power to levitate 

Over any situation, any hesitation, over any obstacle, or any generation.

To choose to create your own outcome, your own destination. 

To architect, design, and witness your created manifestation.

Of your own thoughts, your own creation, your ideas, formulated in contemplation.  

Created intentionally with the purpose of refusing assimilation. 

Intended to create your way in, and out, of any situation.

To create and innovate is the answer to every situation.

Create responses. Create equations. Create solutions for every equation.

Create possibilities, resolutions. Create recipes for new realities. 

To create and Innovate is to live intentionally.

With the guiding light of creativity, that shines brightly upon originality. 

Innovating paths and ways out of obscurity.

With a purpose and a mission of rediscovering uncertainties.

Designing exceptionally, redirecting, recreating plausible identities.

Eliminating uncharted possibilities, creating new singularity realities.

Create and innovate are the solutions to your situation.

Having a bad day ~ create a new day

Stuck in a jam ~ create an outlet

Stuck in a job ~ create a new one

Don’t like your options ~ create a new option

Don’t like your situation ~ Create and innovate a better situation

Create & Innovate

~ Max La Vida ~

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