Travel Boom

The world is anticipating a huge travel boom from travellers both regular frequent and new. Here’s why it’s important to travel as much as possible throughout the next year.

Travel before it’s too late

It’s important to take advantage of the timing for travel pricing while it lasts.

Things may never return back to the old normal, and when they return to the new travel normal, it may be too late, too expensive, or with too many new restriction requirements.

These new restrictions and requirements coming may prohibit most from ever being able to travel again. 

Timing is everything

Now is the time; the prices for flights and lodging are considerably lower than normal, and may never be this low again for several years. Take advantage while it lasts.

There are some amazing travel deals available right now and even travel investments for the entrepreneur or stock trader.

Taking action on timely opportunities are more procurable and accessible right now more than ever before if able to leave fear behind. 

The travel industry can also really use your support right now at a time that seems like a travel apocalypse.

In addition to the impeccable timely benefits for us consumers right now, supporting one of our most beloved favorite industries would indeed be a good deed. 

Time Sensitive 

Warning; don’t expect these prices and deals to stay the same for too long. They are expected to stay this way for approximately 12-18 months or less. Or for as long as there still is a threat of this virus. And for as long as demand is still low. Once the demand finally hits a new level, the only thing that will be booming is the prices for the minimum amount of flights available. 

Two main reasons:

1 – the threat of the virus = fewer travellers = lower demand = lower pricing

2 – the lower demand for flights = fewer airlines = fewer flights = temporary lower pricing 

Temporarily, until this demand picks back up, then prices will rise to an all-time high — this may take up to 12-18 months.

The old regular routes may also no longer exist. It will take time for demand to rise back up enough again to raise pricing for these flights.

They will begin to rise again as airlines and hotels began to close down and are forced into bankruptcy, eliminating several flight routes that will bring up the demand for the main routes that are left standing, hence, the prices will begin to rise back up by demand.

Is it safe to travel? 

Yes, for those who are healthy and take the necessary safety precautions. 

No, for those unhealthy. It is not recommended for someone with respiratory issues, health limitation conditions or previous ailments.

Yes, there are fears of catching this strange COVID-19 Coronavirus. 

However, let’s break down the facts:

1 – Wearing a mask, sanitizing, and keeping at a safe 6 feet distance from others dramatically decreases the chances of ever catching the virus.

2 – If a person unfortunately caught the virus; there is a 90-99% recovery rate.  (similar to the recovery rate of the flu)

Compliments of WebMD

Do the benefits outweigh the risk?

Yes, it will be a different experience with new safety measures.

– Mask wearing

– Longer wait in lines

– Less baggage allowed 

– Stricter passages through  

– Possible temperature and testing taking place 

However, all of these new safety measures are all good for the safety of us fellow travellers. The positive perspective would be — better for us and safer for us.

With some patience and simple safety precautions, incredible travel memories and experiences await.

Things may never return back to normal

Airbnb owner says travel will never be the same again.

Brian Chesky co-founder and CEO of Airbnb told Bloomberg;

 “I will go on the record to say that travel will never, ever go back to the way it was pre-COVID; it just won’t”

 “There are sometimes months when decades of transformation happen.”

Chesky, who said travel has changed more tectonically than during the Great Recession of 2008. 

International travel remains off in a way that’s devastating.

People will, one day, get back on planes,” Chesky said. “But one of the things that I do think is a fairly permanent shift is … a redistribution of where travelers go.”

In the past, with what he called “mass tourism,” travelers limited themselves “to like 50 or 100 cities. You know, everyone goes to Rome, Paris, London, they stay in the hotel district, they get on the double-decker bus. They wait in line to get a selfie in front of a landmark.”

“I think that’s going to get smaller as a percentage of travel in the future, and I think it’s going to get somewhat displaced, or at least balanced, by people visiting smaller communities.”

If you wait till later, will it be too late?

For some, it may.

Overall fear of travelling and future new restrictions imposed may definitely discourage, disable or disqualify some from ever travelling again. 

– future travel restrictions

– future passport restrictions

– future overall overpriced travel expenses

– possible future border closures to specific countries

It’s important to travel as much as possible through the next year while we still can. The next 12-18 months will be prime time travel time before we no longer can again as before, or before it gets extremely too expensive or too restrictive.

With all that will be said and done, there will be a balance of some incredible beneficial opportunities to travel and visit places overlooked, abandoned or skipped altogether that will offer amazing welcoming open arms for those who continue to travel through the roads less travelled.

Be safe and Travell Well.

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