Modern Day Message To All

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The new normal it’s called, how times have changed.

We were already all so busy in our lives,

and drifting more distant from family and friends.

If you haven’t seen me here online, 

at your event, in person, 

or heard from me for sometime.

Please don’t take it personally, 

It’s nothing personal at all, 

I’m just adapting and battling the same new normals in life. 

I have the same struggles, 

challenges, victories, 

celebrations, but just don’t share them here online. 

I’ve chosen to take more value for time,

to cherish every single moment,

and live more physically in the moments rather than online.

Please don’t be offended if I hadn’t responded to any post,

commented on your fabulous pictures,

or shared intentions on sites.

I’m rarely on social media, 

only for business, and rather always building,

putting new things together in this life. 

Please just always remember any moments we shared, 

in colorful character, extraordinary light, 

in design, dance, or in laughter.

That is now marked as a one of a kind moment,

In this new normal it’s considered unforgettable, 

and can never leave from deep down inside.

If we had a special moment where we crossed paths 

and experienced a unique episode in life. 

Not time, world tragedies nor technologies can erase or take that away from our hearts & minds.

Those days shared together, situations, 

special moments embedded into our memory in this life.

Let’s hold on to that time and cherish it as a once in a lifetime moment experienced together and held as a fortunate encounter in time.

It’s okay to move on,

To evolve and grow as we all should.

It’s not letting go when we embrace each other and allow growth to endure.

I’ll be continuing creating, 

building, designing a life imagined in full.

Fighting to maximize all potentials in life, to live out each day to the fullest.

Let’s always remember and celebrate one another from afar.

As the times change into this new normal,

and as we all adapt to move on and get along.

Mark this in the permanent memory bank in this age of time.

Moments shared together were special moments, cherished and valued,

in this life and time.

In case you didn’t know, I’ll re-clarify it in words.

I have love for you all,

never get this misunderstood.

~ Max La Vida ~

Original Poems Products & Literature by Max La Vida

“The Light is On”

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life!

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Be Amazing

Audio: listen while you read along

Be Amazing Every Day 

Be Amazing in Every Situation

No matter how things may ever go, 

still be amazing in creating a positive flow

Finding the good and the gold in all things

No matter which way they may unfold or perceive

You can pull out the best of any, and all things,

And allow to work in your favor, as lessons learned to proceed

Two of my favorite quotes thought about

In the morning and at the beginning of each day

“Live each day as if it were your last”


“Dance like no one is watching” 

These famous quotes have extreme meaning, 

and may be overlooked or viewed as cliché 

However, do we ever consider to put these words to actual use in our life, 

or in practice to give meaning & purpose in life?

These are simple instructions that could make or break a day

They are things to consider, similar to prayer, meditation, 

and affirmations for the day

To write out our script with our own words & thoughts, of how you will live each day intentionally from our own designed plot

In the morning before the day starts,

before allowing the wind to take things in another direction or in an off-path way of thought

To be amazing is to be intensional in life

To be direct with our intension of living out without apathy, 

and our actions with empathy

To our fullest and highest level of potentials independently

To truly do what you really feel

To feel like you lived true to the way you really feel

To do your absolute best with all things presented

To maximize your highest offering far past comprehension

That your actions matched behaviors demonstrating true intensions

Exemplifying the true you, the one that was created and destined

It could be considered a waste of time and a waste of day

If we haven’t lived out to the fullest to give to life and to the day

and from the true depths of inside of the real you each and every day

Why do we not live out to the fullest of each day?

Fear of judgment, fear of criticism, 

Fear of not being enough, fear of not having the stuff.

Misguided. Too pride-ish.

Confused about beliefs. Unsure about what will really be.

Or trying to fit into the molds that others designed to feel more accepted yet falsely complete

Living out others designed plan is not true intension and was not truly destined

We can make a list of a hundred reasons why “not”

But all we need is that first reason that superseded all reason to “not”

Things could be all over — in a sudden blink of an eye

So why live in regret, at that final hour or death bed

Wishing we would have just lived out each day in full

with that special gift of life that was granted to us to live in full

 Without pretense and without holding back

of what we may have really wanted to do in life, left written and accomplish through our actions 

When you give more to life — you receive more from life

When you took the risk to just live out your true purpose life

When living not afraid of the outcomes, or what may have been said

But living out full purpose from the true hearts desires Instead

Fearless of judgments, fearless of failures,

 that were only learning lessons and experiences 

To grow past to the next levels of this human development experience   

To feel ultimatly like we lived life in-full and left it all in the ring,

In this world, in this human experience, and through our next level transformation transition experience

To be amazing is not complicated but more simple than thought

It’s also the little things, the unspoken things, 

the actions when no one is looking

The small gestures of kindness or assistance to a fellow human in need or in resistance

To be amazing

Has no level of measurement or degree of a higher or a lower

It’s not mathematical, institutional, evaluable or measurable

It’s the simple acts, the things that are true and the things that are real

The things that come from deep actions within

It’s non conditional, or in need of reciprocity or supplemental

Live more, give more

Feel more, receive more

When we give more — we feel more free

When we live more and allow the highest potential to be

from our true meaning of expression and from our deepest degree

The level rises more and gives back sufficient increase

Not material things or non-transcendent things

But the invisible things, more spiritual things, more energy created more compulsion of life in other dimensions that be

This travels through and transcends to the heavens and the other life 

And was well worth more than anything that was temporary on earth, and wisely invested into our after life

While we lived in this world to our highest potentials and truly lived in-full in this thing called life

~ Max La Vida ~

Original Poems Produts & Literature by Max La Vida

“The Light is On”

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life!

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Create for the Purpose of Creating

“Because You Can

I always say, “follow the A, B, C, D’s”

Always Be Creating & Designing

(This is what I do – but I wrote this especially for you)
Audio: listen while you read

Create simply for the sake of creating

Because you can –&– because you should

Not for approvals, validation, acceptance, or attention

Not for followers or likes, solely for profit, or the wrong motive to entice

Especially not for fame that fuels the ego and arrogance of shame

But for the mere sake that you can – because you’re creative

& have the ability to create, & understand that you can

Create because you have a gift to create, and are able to

separating from the pack that avoids creating or might be unable to

Create Art from any of the Elements of Art

Demonstrate your abilities

While others in our Art communities 

Applaud & appreciate the release of your created artistic visuality

Designing to writing, theatre to dancing, speaking, 

Producing music, sports, Art on canvas or a headspin

Any piece of your Art that demonstrates a piece or deeper side of you, or the “you in progress”, in the making, the current chapter of the artistic side of you

Not only for competition but to exemplify your unique exclusive edition

Don’t be afraid to be the “real you” 

The “real you” meaning the creative inner you

That side that may hide, out of fear, of what others may say of you

You should create & express your Art,

for the sole purpose of living out your true calling and purpose

It feels more real when living from the depths of what you can really do

When no holding back and delivering the maximum illustration of you

Some have natural abilities of creating their Art naturally

Others can learn anything they choose to, if they put the time in and develop the skills to do 

Some have natural creativity stored and never released 

This is what we would call wasted talent that was never unleashed

Some never had the courage to create and release

from fear of approval or perhaps pure laziness

There will be those who criticize the Art you shared

Put it down cowardly behind screens and try to humiliate instead

All I can say is “WHO REALLY CARES”

Don’t do Art for the purpose of another’s weak thread

Unapologetically, I don’t mean to be blunt,

But creators, don’t be offended by an online trolling punk

Don’t let that stop you from creating the “better side of you”

The real person creative side, the true purpose side of you

Be your own audience and fan, support yourself, & let negativity admire from a distant glance

While you keep delivering content of your best, your absolute best when you fear not the response of the rest

Tune out the static that may stop you from creating

Keep designing your work, your masterpiece in the making

On the mission, moving forward every day in progression

Reaching fulfillment in your project, redesigning until completion

In the end, it’s always persistence and perseverance that wins

Not always the best talent or the most developed skill who wins

But the creators that never gave up & developed thick skin tenacity in their deliverance, & stayed resilient in their artistic persistence

To do whatever it takes, learned the other area of skills needed

To come full circle in completion of their creativity mission

Don’t hesitate or delay another day

Enjoy the journey & create everyday

Don’t let nothing stop you from pursuing your creative duty

To share with all around the world, that Art piece of you, that makes up the world beauty

~ Max La Vida ~

Original Poems Produts & Literature by Max La Vida

“The Light is On”

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

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“Choosing to lead by better examples over what we’ve seen”

There’s a responsibility for all of actions allowed out
Audio: listen while you read

Does response really matter? It matters most — behavior matters most

It is said that in the end, all that is left that mattered the most was the way we treated others and how we behaved to the rest 

Things that have been said & done, is then written and can no longer be undone

Clarifying the dynamic of what’s most important, quick to listen slow to speak

Giving great thought to answers before delivering responses that will be

Leaving anger and ego behind may be the greatest way to proceed 

What’s achieved and received on paper, title or by position

is worthess without integrity & empathy in our responses and behaviors 

The examples societies have shown to be clear

 from politics to cliques, tribes, communities, a right side to a left 

Is that all things and all sides have all surfaced something clear  

lacking empathy, unity, togetherness, and proven morally unclear

an unfortunate example to stand by or follow, in pursuit of goodnes or to further persist

Just because you see questionable behavior at home or on the streets

does not grant the permission to follow and repeat 

To repeat would be to simply just follow without thought 

Without formulating regulated mediation & extensively questioning plot

The intentions and reasons for swaying the influence of a circumvented plot

This may have been all wrong and stemming from lack of knowledge or a hateful greed

We must scrutinize all motives witnessed on the streets, even in currencies & with globalist elites

Many tricks in politics, in media news, and even negative flicks

trying to influence the masses to lose all of their wits

their integrity, their morals, and even God-given gifts

Resist to believing so easily what you see or hear via media news, in schools, & even with some family and friends

Maybe they had it all wrong from the beginning to end 

and we were just following to get along, to feel a part of something, to not feel ostracized or not belong 

It is better to be alone with better moral choices & decisions

then in agreement with a majority that had it all wrong

We are all personally responsible for our ethics when we speak

When we meet others, and to our children what we teach

There is more strength in the honorable and the meek

This is what’s valuable & worthy to protect from defeat

It’s more challenging and more work to put in to question everything you encounter or meet

It requires research and thought and may piss off the weak

but the reward is having knowledge & generalship not to follow and just repeat

Enlightenment rewards of serving humanity with purpose and feeling more complete

A suggestion or a thought, to maybe give more dialog to all thoughts

Controlling emotions before allowing to be delivered & released

To not just follow so easily what we see

questioning everything thoroughly, to be more inquisitive & meek

To be different, to be better, to come from a place of love better

To be a participant in a more healthier world & in more peaceful endeavors

~ Max La Vida ~

Original Poems Products & Literature by Max La Vida

“The Light is On”

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

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Stand Up… Game Over

All We Gotta Do Is Stand Up & It’s Game Over
Audio: listen while you read

The truth no one is saying about this new normal 

The truth is there is nothing normal about this new normal 

Worlds turned upside down, closed down, locked down, paradigm shifts

Still hoping, pretending things are normal while locked in with fears of catching Covid

Assimilating into a work from home, to be more alone, in an indefinite solitude zone

Attempting to bounce back to regular routines, while original harmful plans still circulating unscathed 

Divided societies, hidden illnesses, crippled economies, systems exposed

Small businesses ordered closed, while big corps remained open undisclosed

Tactical demise of the working middle class, wealth exchange robery for a minor unbalanced class

“Stay safe” they say, if six feet away, separated and masked from a viral virus to outclass

Temperatures rising in the air and inside the minds of the sick and unaware

Bickering over the right to continue a lopsided way of life, with a hateful stare and evil glare

All systems exposed and the mental illness that fuels the manipulated greed of foes 

“Can’t we all get along” was the scream from a past rebelion cry of fury

While the cry dimmed out by the need supplemented to rather shine out

This has always been in the air — this crisis only made it more visibly aware

Fewer distractions help see clear, the intentions of others & systems to be aware

Sometimes the true feeling is loneliness, depressed,

worried with anxiety and overwhelmingly stressed

Who has the courage to share their despair and true distress

This was only the practice run of experiencing phase one

The test preparation for the implementation of the rest

Get prepared if wise don’t be caught in distress

Invest in above, in things heavenly at best

Sure, we can all pretend, go along as if nothing is wrong

Sure, we can buy some stocks in bottomed out equities, make some profit off another man’s loss

Sure we can continue on and pretend that nothing is wrong, think of oursleves only,

stay divided, turn our backs on eachother, and move along

Pretend we’re still on top of the world with our delusional profession egotistical positions

But the truth will still remain as it always has

There was enough for all, without the need to hold back

without the need to turn to greed in protection of thinking scarcity 

without the need to turn to hate and create wrongful debates

over turning on eachother with motive to leave out one other

from what is rightfully for US ALL

As the human planetary experience original plan for us all…

They say, all we need to do is just stand up, then why isn’t everybody just getting up 

All the majority really wants is peace love and joy

With our family, our houeshold, and shared loyalty for humanity

Let’s join together with one another and pray for our humanity 

~ Max La Vida ~

Original Poems Produts & Literature by Max La Vida

“The Light is On”

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life!

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Travel Boom

El mundo está anticipando un enorme auge de los viajes de los viajeros tanto frecuentes como nuevos. He aquí por qué es importante viajar tanto como sea posible durante el próximo año.

Viaja antes de que sea demasiado tarde

Es importante aprovechar el tiempo para los precios de viaje mientras dura.

Es posible que las cosas nunca vuelvan a la normalidad anterior, y cuando se regrese a la nueva normalidad de viaje, puede ser demasiado tarde, demasiado costoso o puede tener demasiados requisitos que cumplir y nuevas restricciones.

Estas nuevas restricciones y requisitos que se avecinan pueden prohibir que la mayoría pueda volver a viajar.

El tiempo lo es todo

Ahora es el momento; Los precios de los vuelos y el alojamiento son considerablemente más bajos de lo normal y es posible que nunca vuelvan a ser tan bajos durante varios años. Aprovecha mientras dure.

Hay algunas ofertas de viajes increíbles disponibles en este momento e incluso inversiones de viaje para empresarios o comerciante de acciones.

Tomar acción sobre las oportunidades que se presentan es más accesible y fácil en este momento, más que nunca si se puede dejar atrás el miedo.

La industria de viajes y los agentes también pueden valerse de tu apoyo en este momento en un momento que parece un apocalipsis del viaje.

Además de los beneficios impecables y oportunos para los consumidores en este momento, apoyar una de nuestras industrias favoritas más queridas sería una buena acción.

Tiempo sensible

Advertencia; no esperes que estos precios y ofertas se mantengan igual durante demasiado tiempo. Se espera que permanezcan así durante aproximadamente 12-18 meses o menos. O mientras exista una amenaza de este virus. Y mientras la demanda siga siendo baja. Una vez que la demanda finalmente alcance un nuevo nivel, lo único que estará en auge son los precios por la cantidad mínima de vuelos disponibles.

Dos principales razones:

1 – La amenaza del virus = menos viajeros = menor demanda = menor precio

2 – la menor demanda de vuelos = menos aerolíneas = menos vuelos = precios más bajos temporales

Temporalmente, hasta que esta demanda se restablezca, los precios subirán a un máximo histórico, lo que puede demorar entre 12 y 18 meses.

Es posible que las antiguas rutas regulares ya no existan. Llevará tiempo que la demanda vuelva a subir lo suficiente como para aumentar los precios de estos vuelos.

Comenzarán a aumentar nuevamente a medida que las aerolíneas y los hoteles empiecen a cerrar y se vean obligados a la bancarrota, eliminando varias rutas de vuelo que elevarán la demanda de las principales rutas que se mantienen en pie, por lo tanto, los precios comenzarán a subir nuevamente por la demanda.

¿Es seguro viajar?

Sí, para aquellos que están sanos y toman las precauciones de seguridad necesarias.

No, para aquellos que no son saludables. No se recomienda para alguien con problemas respiratorios, condiciones de limitación de salud o dolencias previas.

Sí, existe el temor de contraer este extraño coronavirus COVID-19.

Sin embargo, analicemos los hechos:

1 – Usar una máscara, desinfectar y mantenerse a una distancia segura de 6 pies de los demás disminuye drásticamente las posibilidades de contraer el virus.

2 – Si una persona desafortunadamente contrajo el virus; Hay una tasa de recuperación del 90-99%. (similar a la tasa de recuperación de la gripe)

Compliments of WebMD

¿Los beneficios pesan el riesgo?

Sí, será una experiencia diferente con nuevas medidas de seguridad.

– Uso de mascarilla

– Espera más larga en las filas

– Menos equipaje permitido

– Pasos más estrictos  

– Posible temperatura y pruebas que tienen lugar

Sin embargo, todas estas nuevas medidas de seguridad son buenas para la seguridad de nuestros compañeros de viaje. La perspectiva positiva sería: mejor para nosotros y más segura para nosotros.

Con un poco de paciencia y simples precauciones de seguridad, aguardan increíbles recuerdos y experiencias de viaje.

Es posible que las cosas nunca vuelvan a la normalidad

El propietario de Airbnb dice que viajar nunca volverá a ser lo mismo.

Brian Chesky, cofundador y CEO de Airbnb, dijo a Bloomberg;

“Seguiré en el expediente para decir que el viaje nunca volverá a ser como era antes de COVID; simplemente no “

“A veces hay meses en que ocurren décadas de transformación”.

Chesky, quien dijo que los viajes han cambiado más tectónicamente que durante la Gran Recesión de 2008.

Los viajes internacionales continúan de una manera devastadora.

La gente, algún día, volverá a los aviones “, dijo Chesky. “Pero una de las cosas que creo que es un cambio bastante permanente es … una redistribución de a dónde van los viajeros”.

En el pasado, con lo que él llamaba “turismo de masas”, los viajeros se limitaban a “gustarle 50 o 100 ciudades”. Ya sabes, todos van a Roma, París, Londres, se quedan en el distrito hotelero, se suben al autobús de dos pisos. Esperan en la fila para tomarse una selfie frente a un punto de referencia “.

“Creo que se reducirá el porcentaje de los viajes en el futuro, y creo que las personas que visiten comunidades más pequeñas se verán desplazadas, o al menos equilibradas”.

Si espera hasta después, ¿será demasiado tarde?

Para algunos, puede ser.

El miedo general a viajar y las nuevas restricciones futuras impuestas definitivamente pueden desalentar, deshabilitar o descalificar a algunos para que nunca vuelvan a viajar.

– futuras restricciones de viaje

– futuras restricciones de pasaportes

– futuros gastos generales de viaje caros

– posibles futuros cierres de fronteras a países específicos

Es importante viajar tanto como sea posible durante el próximo año mientras podamos. Los próximos 12-18 meses serán el tiempo de viaje en horario estelar antes de que ya no podamos volver a hacerlo, o antes de que sea extremadamente costoso o restrictivo.

Con todo lo que se dirá y se hará, habrá un equilibrio de algunas oportunidades beneficiosas increíbles para viajar y visitar lugares pasados ​​por alto, abandonados u omitidos por completo que ofrecerán sorprendentes brazos abiertos y acogedores para los caminos menos transitados.

Mantente seguro y Viaja Bien ~ Travell Well.

“Travel Life Well”

“Traveling is Living”

Max La Vida

“The Light is On”

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

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Travel Boom

The world is anticipating a huge travel boom from travellers both regular frequent and new. Here’s why it’s important to travel as much as possible throughout the next year.

Travel before it’s too late

It’s important to take advantage of the timing for travel pricing while it lasts.

Things may never return back to the old normal, and when they return to the new travel normal, it may be too late, too expensive, or with too many new restriction requirements.

These new restrictions and requirements coming may prohibit most from ever being able to travel again. 

Timing is everything

Now is the time; the prices for flights and lodging are considerably lower than normal, and may never be this low again for several years. Take advantage while it lasts.

There are some amazing travel deals available right now and even travel investments for the entrepreneur or stock trader.

Taking action on timely opportunities are more procurable and accessible right now more than ever before if able to leave fear behind. 

The travel industry can also really use your support right now at a time that seems like a travel apocalypse.

In addition to the impeccable timely benefits for us consumers right now, supporting one of our most beloved favorite industries would indeed be a good deed. 

Time Sensitive 

Warning; don’t expect these prices and deals to stay the same for too long. They are expected to stay this way for approximately 12-18 months or less. Or for as long as there still is a threat of this virus. And for as long as demand is still low. Once the demand finally hits a new level, the only thing that will be booming is the prices for the minimum amount of flights available. 

Two main reasons:

1 – the threat of the virus = fewer travellers = lower demand = lower pricing

2 – the lower demand for flights = fewer airlines = fewer flights = temporary lower pricing 

Temporarily, until this demand picks back up, then prices will rise to an all-time high — this may take up to 12-18 months.

The old regular routes may also no longer exist. It will take time for demand to rise back up enough again to raise pricing for these flights.

They will begin to rise again as airlines and hotels began to close down and are forced into bankruptcy, eliminating several flight routes that will bring up the demand for the main routes that are left standing, hence, the prices will begin to rise back up by demand.

Is it safe to travel? 

Yes, for those who are healthy and take the necessary safety precautions. 

No, for those unhealthy. It is not recommended for someone with respiratory issues, health limitation conditions or previous ailments.

Yes, there are fears of catching this strange COVID-19 Coronavirus. 

However, let’s break down the facts:

1 – Wearing a mask, sanitizing, and keeping at a safe 6 feet distance from others dramatically decreases the chances of ever catching the virus.

2 – If a person unfortunately caught the virus; there is a 90-99% recovery rate.  (similar to the recovery rate of the flu)

Compliments of WebMD

Do the benefits outweigh the risk?

Yes, it will be a different experience with new safety measures.

– Mask wearing

– Longer wait in lines

– Less baggage allowed 

– Stricter passages through  

– Possible temperature and testing taking place 

However, all of these new safety measures are all good for the safety of us fellow travellers. The positive perspective would be — better for us and safer for us.

With some patience and simple safety precautions, incredible travel memories and experiences await.

Things may never return back to normal

Airbnb owner says travel will never be the same again.

Brian Chesky co-founder and CEO of Airbnb told Bloomberg;

 “I will go on the record to say that travel will never, ever go back to the way it was pre-COVID; it just won’t”

 “There are sometimes months when decades of transformation happen.”

Chesky, who said travel has changed more tectonically than during the Great Recession of 2008. 

International travel remains off in a way that’s devastating.

People will, one day, get back on planes,” Chesky said. “But one of the things that I do think is a fairly permanent shift is … a redistribution of where travelers go.”

In the past, with what he called “mass tourism,” travelers limited themselves “to like 50 or 100 cities. You know, everyone goes to Rome, Paris, London, they stay in the hotel district, they get on the double-decker bus. They wait in line to get a selfie in front of a landmark.”

“I think that’s going to get smaller as a percentage of travel in the future, and I think it’s going to get somewhat displaced, or at least balanced, by people visiting smaller communities.”

If you wait till later, will it be too late?

For some, it may.

Overall fear of travelling and future new restrictions imposed may definitely discourage, disable or disqualify some from ever travelling again. 

– future travel restrictions

– future passport restrictions

– future overall overpriced travel expenses

– possible future border closures to specific countries

It’s important to travel as much as possible through the next year while we still can. The next 12-18 months will be prime time travel time before we no longer can again as before, or before it gets extremely too expensive or too restrictive.

With all that will be said and done, there will be a balance of some incredible beneficial opportunities to travel and visit places overlooked, abandoned or skipped altogether that will offer amazing welcoming open arms for those who continue to travel through the roads less travelled.

Be safe and Travell Well.

“Travel Life Well”

“Traveling is Living”

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Max La Vida

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“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

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Speak It Into Existence!

Speak It Into Existence

Only non-belief, lack of creativity delivery Is your resistance 

You must believe it to achieve it, create it to innovate it 

Never give up, never hush up & have no fear of speaking up

Change your words births change of life, what you speak and say can be your existing light

Say it loud, say it proud, say it all day and every day

Say it as if you already have it and it existed here today 

Visualize and fantasize, memorize your speaking lines

Say it in affirmations with determination and designed curations

Be intentional with your delivery, plan it out before you speak it out

Take caution and care, nurture your words with concern being aware

Design your message carefully that will manifest your invention

With convention, commitment and deep conscious awareness

First believe with certainty and vision, before delivering the chosen message

Your word is your power, your everything and honor, your words are containers of manifestation power 

Death and life lie in the power of the tongue, so make sure when you speak it, you intend it, and seek it

It will not return empty, what you say negative or positive will indeed reciprocate and come back with intention 

Make sure your delivered manifestation was aligned with your true vision, your purpose, and invention

Your words have power and should be handled with care, they can help you, and also hurt you, or others who you give care

Choose them wisely, without lashing out blindly

Every word matters, as will the action that then scatters

They can abuse or accuse, or even self inflict from trying to amuse

They can give life or take from, the true power of your words becomes the life you then hear from

It’s not only speaking but also believing

with taking the right action and practicing daily 

Meditation, prayer, and affirmations will guide it

Into existence from speaking and taking the right actions

If still unable to believe it or receive it, here are some winning scriptures to guide you to speak your intention

So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it. Isaiah 55:11

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.  Proverbs 18:21

Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Mark 11:23

Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, the Lord says in Act 18:9

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matt 4:4

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. Matt 21:22

Pray and meditate, believe it and speak it

Speak it into existence

~ Max La Vida ~

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Be Inquisitive

The inquisitive one is the courageous one.

The Intellect who scours in search alone.  

To be inquisitive is to question everything. 

To research and relinquish false objectivities.

The Inquisitive mind is where you will find

The truth intact and the answers to facts.

This is where it all truly begins, where it is limitless,

truth with love, and without ever end.

Receive data then render with Intellect and wisdom.

Research and scrutinize with diligence and deliverance.

Be Inquisitive. Be persistent. 

Be a voyager on a mission for truth encounter discovery refutations. 

We shall not fall so easily into the premeditated unknown.

Just because they say and market their planned known.

Media and lies and manipulated misinformation.

Resolution recommended creative imaginations for better nations.

Of peace, love and synchronized unison.

Where no one is in control of abusing leadership roles. 

Choose to change the channel and this signal frequency of life.

Find the higher dimension of channel conscious awareness flight. 

It’s as easy as that, while you keep your spirit and soul intact.

By simply refusing and saying no. To be inquisitive, this I know.

Infinite Intelligence and awareness tells me so,

regardless of media and propaganda shows.

What’s true is what speaks to you from the depths of inside.

This never lies or hides truth with intent to divide. 

What you hear doesn’t necessarily mean it is clear, true, or factual. 

Hesitate before you mediate. Fact check everything to actual.

Thank you for making me diligently persistent in pursuit through transition.

The transformation was inevitable in this environment of this unforgettable. 

Lesson learned, problem solved. 

Be an Inquisitive mind to guide you through the universal stars.

Be Inquisitive

~ Max La Vida ~

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Dealing With Post-Pandemic Changes P.3

The New Normal

In 2020, we are facing new opposition challenges and changes, with a viral pandemic, social unrest and inequality, riots and racial bloodshed, economic upheaval, climate change and natural disaster concerns moving our civilization rapidly into a state of collapse and a new beginning.  

In this series, we will address the important questions and concerns on how to deal with the “new normal” post-pandemic changes, this new phase and era, strategize and analyze together to resolve possibilities and resolutions.

The real questions often avoided:

Is there anything we can really do about the current situations?

Will we be able to continue with normal routine business?

Will we be able to survive this new economy?

Is this all some strange new “End of Days” coming, near or here now?

To answer the last question, the end of days is the beginning of new days.

It appears that everything is most certainly happening for a reason, for a specific purpose, creating a new reality being unveiled before our very eyes.

Our world and our civilization has moved into a natural stage of the end of one paradigm phase, shifting to the pivoting point and the beginning of a new one.

New Civilization for the Nations

We are entering a new phase and shift in our existence. We have naturally arrived to the point in time where change is inevitable.  

Our world is changing naturally, our world is changing intentionally, through predetermined determinism, paradigms are collapsing, consciously and unconsciously. 

The old ways of life need to break down before a new world can be birthed.

The limited levels of consciousness in which our current systems and schisms have existed are naturally coming to an abrupt end. We are witnessing the collapse of the current destructive ‘reptilian’ civilization while observing the rise of the new nature nurturing ‘mammalian’ culture and civilization of a new day and era.

Shifted to New Level of Consciousness 

The current situations happening are creating a new level of awareness. A new level of awareness is a new level of consciousness. This new consciousness enables us to see new realities and possibilities that we were unable to see, and unaware of when we were unconscious. Consequently, we are all waking up in a new conscious reality.⁣

Love transcends through all external and material existence, race, culture, gender, social status, political or religious beliefs, or any other form of separation or disconnection. ⁣

As the world shifts, reach deeper, think deeper, meditate until you can imaginate from the depths of your existence where there is purity without chaos and resistance.    

Apply your new level of awareness to live more consciously from the heart during these times of great change. This enables a higher level of senses operating from love, dispensing more empathy, compassion, understanding, cooperation, more selflessness, more giving, more awareness, more kindness, and more connection with yourself and with one another.

These are the elements and fundamentals of navigating and operating in this new existence to ensure the ability to thrive in this new life.

These elements and points of attention to Infinite awareness can be better applied and enhanced through prayer and meditation.

New Economy Digital Currencies Post Pandemic Crisis

Our new world economy may never be the same again.

The business we once strived for may become obsolete, unimportant and nonexistent.

As we enter this new day and era, the way we function and operate in our daily lives and in business may never be the same again. 

Do we conform to the digital changes and adaptations and take the mark for survival and assimilation into a cashless society? Or do we plan and prepare for an attempt to survive with traditional methods off the grid in a system that is collapsing?

In the next new series, we will begin to cover the concerns and consequences of not diversifying in the midst of this new economy, and sharing new hidden opportunities that have come to live as a result of this crisis.

Stayed tuned for the next experience.

Stay connected.

Max La Vida

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