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Modern Day Message To All

The new normal it’s called, how times have changed. We were already all so busy in our lives, and drifting more distant from family and friends. If you haven’t seen me here online,  at your event, in person,  or heard from me for sometime. Please don’t take it personally,  It’s nothing personal at all,  I’m…

Be Amazing

Be Amazing Every Day  Be Amazing in Every Situation No matter how things may ever go,  still be amazing in creating a positive flow Finding the good and the gold in all things No matter which way they may unfold or perceive You can pull out the best of any, and all things, And allow…

Create for the Purpose of Creating

“Because You Can” I always say, “follow the A, B, C, D’s” Always Be Creating & Designing Create simply for the sake of creating Because you can –&– because you should Not for approvals, validation, acceptance, or attention Not for followers or likes, solely for profit, or the wrong motive to entice Especially not for…


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About Me

Max La Vida – Maximize Life

“Sharing Journeys and Chronicles of Maximizing Life Potentials”

Max La Vida – (Writer. Entrepreneur. CEO. NGO. Speaker. Counselor. Life Coach. World Traveler)

Max La Vida – Maximize Life: a resource-organization created and dedicated to sharing chronicles of how to maximize all life potentials, from dealing with past, present and future.

I started this in the midst of the Crisis, going back to my original roots of writing, literature, poetry, spoken word, and creating organizations dedicated to serving through creative elements of the Arts. 

With my businesses in jeopardy during the quarantine lockdown, I began to anylize and reevaluate all things in life, and decided to move and act on what I do best, utilizing my main gifts over any other financial goal or incentive, to share these creative elements of Art with hopes that it will serve a purpose of being useful for others and helpful in our world.

My background comes from starting my first business as early as seventeen years old, and never turning back, becoming an entrepreneur and creating several businesses over the last 25 years. I’ve also been on the board as a Director for two Non-profit organizations created in Los Angeles dedicated to serving our youth within the Arts. I have counseled and coached youth from recovery to rehabilitation, how to get restarted in life, and have taught courses on how to find hidden potentials within, create concepts from scratch and how to get started with new business ideas and startups.

Having experienced both sides of extremities in life, from having all to having nothing, I can speak from the depths of both sides of perspectives. I’ve started with nothing, and have built myself up to becoming a million-dollar grossing company earner, then to rock bottom bankrupt losing everything including home, family, and well being, and for a time being ending up hopeless homeless and battling depression. Things tend to occur more when taking risk to live a full life. I have won these battles multiple times over.

The upbringing I was brought up in was from a broken family home, a drug-addicted parent, raised in gang violence environments, battling for mere survival and having to find myself on my own through trails and errors, tribulations and revelations — I’ve experienced it all and have brought myself up and out of some of the most harshest situations over and over again and can share valuable insight on how to deal with all things in front of you and rise from the ashes successfully.

Over the past decade, my last and most recent entities created have been set up to operate remotely while enabling to be able to travel the world and live abroad while working remotely from my laptop. I am a single father and have been traveling and living abroad worldwide with my son for the past decade.  We are a living example of how to master the art of enjoying everyday life with peace love and joy, living wherever chosen while continuing consistently to pursue highest and greatest potentials in life.

I will be sharing all things from life experiences, journeys and chronicles of how I’ve been able to live an extraordinary life by experiencing both ups and downs, how to deal with all things thrown at you, and how to maximize every situation and potential currently present in life.

Get connected to experience the jouneys shared through media, videos, blogs and podcasts, via literature, poetry, spoken word, and with an informative series of books, film and documentaries.

Thank you for stopping by following and sharing these journeys together.  I look forward to serving you well while enlightening together.

~ Max La Vida ~

“Sharing Journeys and Chronicles of Maximizing Life Potentials”

“The Light is On”

Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life!

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