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Create for the Purpose of Creating

“Because You Can“ I always say, “follow the A, B, C, D’s” Always Be Creating & Designing Create simply for the sake of creating Because you can –&– because you should Not for approvals, validation, acceptance, or attention Not for followers or likes, solely for profit, or the wrong motive to entice Especially not for […]

Stand Up… Game Over

The truth no one is saying about this new normal  The truth is there is nothing normal about this new normal  Worlds turned upside down, closed down, locked down, paradigm shifts Still hoping, pretending things are normal while locked in with fears of catching Covid Assimilating into a work from home, to be more alone, […]

Travel Boom

El mundo está anticipando un enorme auge de los viajes de los viajeros tanto frecuentes como nuevos. He aquí por qué es importante viajar tanto como sea posible durante el próximo año. Viaja antes de que sea demasiado tarde Es importante aprovechar el tiempo para los precios de viaje mientras dura. Es posible que las […]


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About Me

Max La Vida – Maximize Life

“Sharing Journeys Maximizing Life’s Potentials” 

First, I will make a series of research questions and opportunities regarding these new days ahead and the new potential opportunities in light of the aftermath of Covid-19

After that set I will begin a new series that will also be part of a book series.

In the first half series of the series of episodes (In writings, blogs & videos)

 I will be sharing… 

The way to maximizing life’s potentials by first being able to identify the moments and potential opportunities present.

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