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Be Amazing

Be Amazing Every Day  Be Amazing in Every Situation No matter how things may ever go,  still be amazing in creating a positive flow Finding the good and the gold in all things No matter which way they may unfold or perceive You can pull out the best of any, and all things, And allow […]

Create for the Purpose of Creating

“Because You Can“ I always say, “follow the A, B, C, D’s” Always Be Creating & Designing Create simply for the sake of creating Because you can –&– because you should Not for approvals, validation, acceptance, or attention Not for followers or likes, solely for profit, or the wrong motive to entice Especially not for […]

“Choosing to lead by better examples over what we’ve seen”

Does response really matter? It matters most — behavior matters most It is said that in the end, all that is left that mattered the most was the way we treated others and how we behaved to the rest  Things that have been said & done, is then written and can no longer be undone […]

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