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by Max La Vida

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Create & Innovate

Create and Innovate or Disintegrate.

To Create is King. 

Innovation is the catalyst & substance of creating. 

It is the purity, the newness, the simplicity of creativity.

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Create for the Purpose of Creating

Create simply for the sake of creating

Because you can –&– because you should

Not for approvals, validation, acceptance, or attention. Not for followers or likes, solely for profit, or the wrong motive to entice.

Especially not for fame that fuels the ego and arrogance of shame

But for the mere sake that you can – because you’re creative –&- have the ability to create, & understand that you can

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Be Inquisitive

The inquisitive one is the courageous one.

The Intellect who scours in search alone.  

To be inquisitive is to question everything. 

To research and relinquish false objectivities.

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Stand Up & Game Over

The truth no one is saying about this new normal 

The truth is there is nothing normal about this new normal 

Worlds turned upside down, closed down, locked down, paradigm shifts

Still hoping, pretending things are normal while locked in with fears of catching Covid

Assimilating into a work from home, to be more alone, in an indefinite solitude zone

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Speak It Into Existence

Speak It Into Existence

Only non-belief, lack of creativity delivery Is your resistance. 

You must believe it to achieve it, create it to innovate it.

Never give up, never hush up & have no fear of speaking up.

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Choosing to Lead by better Examples

Does response really matter? It matters most — behavior matters most

It is said that in the end, all that is left that mattered the most was the way we treated others and how we behaved to the rest 

Things that have been said & done, is then written and can no longer be undone

Clarifying the dynamic of what’s most important, quick to listen slow to speak

Giving great thought to answers before delivering responses that will be

Leaving anger and ego behind may be the greatest way to proceed 

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