The Hidden Benefits of Being Locked-In

It appears that our quarantine lockdown vacation keeps getting extended.

There are some huge benefits that need to be pointed out from being locked-in and isolated in this experience called “quarantine lockdown”.

The truth is, this whole experience is to our greatest advantage and can be most beneficial to us, If able to recognize and take advantage of it.

We’ve been given the opportunity of being able to reconnect with our immediate, reconnect with ourselves, and even redesign and rediscover.

Becoming aware of what has been broken, what has now permanently changed forever,  and some gifted-time to plan and prepare, change and adapt.

What might have been “meant to harm” can emerge to “means to help”.


Locked-in can be redirected and redistributed to “locked-in focused”.

I will share and demonstrate in detail how you can be able to take advantage of this situation.

You will see how this can be related to living on an exotic beach island, traveling and living abroad beachside on the other side of the world.

How you can experience a free retreat reformation like a monk, isolated from all things for a long period of time until you have finally awakened, been renewed, brand new, and now consciously connected.

How it’s possible to capitalize on receiving a free upgraded version of you, 

and how if this was an intentional attack on you and the human race, it can be completely rediverted and backfired in your favor.

The Isolation Connection

It is said that the best and fastest way to “find your true self” would be to isolate yourself from everything to rediscover your true self.

The two experiences of “quarantine lockdown” and “traveling” living far away abroad, can similarly be related.

I can relate the two experiences together and share some of the same personal benefits they gave from my own personal experiences.

Being far away from home, friends and family and regular routines after a year or more gave this same similar feeling of isolation, loneliness and disconnection, and ultimately the reward of new discoveries.

It often takes this long process to discover the beautiful gift of finding the depths of one’s true self and getting connected to something you’ve felt before, but have never really been able to truly grasp and connect to.

This process is usually the only route to discovering this.  The step that must be taken.

The prerequisite of getting to this next phase, next step is going through this long process of isolation. Hence, a free gift given compliments of our situation.

In scripture, this similar process is referred to as going through seasons of dying to yourself to become reborn again. Becoming In-tune spiritually. 

In other parts of the world, they go through extreme measures of long periods of isolation while in constant daily prayer and meditation, 

just to try to “get there”, to try to get connected consciously to one’s self to all others and to our creator.

The outcome and reward for this consequence and sacrifice one goes through for this long strenuous process is the unexplainable gift and birth of getting consciously connected and feeling truly alive for the first time. 

With a new vision that feels like you can finally be able to see with this new Infinite awareness.

Right now, you are currently in this position of opportunity to receive this same special free gift, without having to take a year off vacation from work.

Be sure to capitalize on your free gift.

Remote Reality

The creative imagination is one of your most powerful tools for the manifestation of your own chosen realities.

You can place yourself anywhere you’d like to be, mentally.

They now sell this virtually as an experience called “VR” virtual reality, which you’ve already seen advertised.

This can also be creatively imagined without VR, from anywhere remotely.

As if you are anywhere, from anywhere, and for long durations if without regular routines, habits, temptations, or interruptions. 

Your mind is an operating system that can be programmed to your own desired lifestyle experiences.

You are the author and the architect of the future in your reality. 

Human Vulnerability

Human Vulnerability is starting to look like the new norm in our society.

A wake-up call of how vulnerable we really are as humans that we can so easily be life threatened by a virus, to the point that the only way to survive and stay safe, is to stay isolated at home in quarantine lockdown from our regular routine lives.

And the solution would be to have to take an injection of a new vaccine with unknown uncertain properties.  

A reality check, off who or what is really in control here.

This would unintentionally and unwillingly give power and control over to the origin of the virus, or in the other case, the problem–solution creator of it.

This vastly decreases the stock in this human experience construct created.

Making it inevitable to place more value and invest more time into your spiritual bank, your spiritual eternal experience, rather than the one that appears to end here on earth.

What was already broken

Whether we like it or accept it, the system of how we live and operate has been permanently broken.

It just does not work any longer.  The prior generation has already proven this.

The systems we’ve trusted, currencies, pensions, social securities, monopoly printed paper money that doesn’t really exist, have been exposed and simply can no longer be trusted.

The way we live, our way of life to survive and sustain us no longer exist.

If unable to see it or receive it, there are logical explanations for this — one is called “cognitive dissonance”.

Related Quote: 

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. 

It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. 

And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”  Frantz Fanon

No one really wants their world or way of life turned upside down.

It can be considered normal to protect this and refuse any truths or facts that would contradict the lifestyle become comfortable in.

Another logical reason for refusing truth or change is called 

“Stockholm syndrome”.  The dictionary definition is:

an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival.

This occurs when we have become protective over it.

Related Quote:

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: 

If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. 

We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth;  It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken.

Once you give a charlatan power over you, 

You almost never get it back.”  Carl Sagan   

Of course, this is a very touchy, sensitive and painful subject.

One that we really don’t want to look at or have to deal with.

On the bright side, there are things we can do to prepare, protect, and better adapt.


Our creator, our planet and mother nature have answered. 

One unexpected backfire to this stay-at-home in isolation is the huge “conscious awareness” connection this lockdown has caused and the mass awakening from this process of lockdown on a massive scale.

People are beginning to wake up, our planet is finally able to take a breath of fresh air while nature is able to restable and revitalize itself.

I’m certain this was not the plan, however, definitely to our greater advantage and benefit.

Our regular routines before have been actually blocking us from being able to connect in this way. 

I grew up in the big city of Los Angeles and have lived decades in the most occupied and busiest section, “Downtown Los Angeles”.

I’ve noticed a strange fact that somehow living in a big populated busy city, and or being an active participant in the rat race, somehow blocked all forms of being able to become fully aware and consciously connected. 

Perhaps there’s something in the air. Something that should be researched.

It appears that when there’s less traffic, less busy life, and isolation,

there is more clarity and conscious connection.

We’ve been unintentionally gifted this amazing opportunity of being able to lock down and get connected.

Finding gratitude and gratefulness in the midst of a crisis is key and golden.

Your secret weapon is becoming aware, 

becoming consciously connected,

And again, investing more into your spiritual bank, your spiritual eternal experience, rather than the one that appears to end here on earth.

This is your greatest power.

Max La Vida

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

“The Light is On”

Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life

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Max La Vida “Born from a Crisis” Maximizing Life

It took a Crisis of losing our regular routines and amenities to force us to take a closer look at our lives.

I began to reflect on everything from past, present, and future.

Feeling trapped and caged in this thing called locked down.

The biggest underlying factor was this drastically changing future 

and how to properly plan and prepare for it.

I couldn’t help but think of how things are changing so ever rapidly and what we can do to prepare our livelihoods best for this uncertain future.

This threw me into a 24-hour depression.

Concerned about what’s going on and if there’s anything we can do about it.

Worried about how we’re all going to provide for our families.

What will happen to our children, will they be able to have jobs in the future?

Will we all be able to survive through this without making drastic changes?

I’ve read of many interesting events that may be taking place

from disease to strange vaccines, to radiation violations and new economies.

That we may be entering a cashless society and new digital currency.

That to be able to buy or sell in this new system, we may be ultimately

forced into having to take this new digital “mark of the beast”.

Like a prophecy coming to life straight out of Revelations 13:16-18.

Is this true??  What’s really going on???

Terrified and terrorized by all notions.

Too many unanswered questions floating around in secrecy.

What can we really do about it?  And can we really do anything about it?

We’re all in this together, having the same questions and concerns.

We all have a friend or family member facing the same questions and situations.

This is the time where we need to bond together and connect together.

Together we must find ways to fight the challenges of the coming future.

This has made me rethink and reevaluate everything in life and everything I’ve been working on prior to this crisis.

I began to start waging everything on the “what is it worth” meter.

Were the career choices worth continuing in this new coming future?

Was the time spent on things or relationships going towards anything helpful or useful for the future?

Will the projects currently working on be worth it and have a long-lasting life span in our new coming future?

It made me revisit that old lingering thought

“What is it all worth” 

and what can I do to add more meaning, purpose, and value to life, 

especially for this strange unknown future coming?

That inevitable question that we seem to avoid and replace with prioritizing survival in society over living out our true calling and purpose.

Ultimately fear first set in.

The shakeup seemed real.

I began to realize all the new facts approaching in this new day and age.

Things may never be the same again or ever return to the way they once were.

After the temporary paralyzation of that feeling

I began to do what I’ve always done throughout my life, 

began strategizing and researching on how to stay two steps ahead.

However, this time newer challenges are on the horizon, making things much more difficult for preemptive predictions 

on what to do in the future or how to stay ahead.

How to stay away from unemployment,

away from the unthinkable joblessness and homelessness, 

or being replaced by technology, just to name a few.

The hard facts started to set in with that paralyzing first reaction.

I decided there’s only one way to truly stay ahead.

That would be…

To first consciously connect and began to…

Use the rest of our time wisely by living-out our true natural God-given gifts.

To feel free inside, by doing what we’ve always known we should be doing deep down inside 

but haven’t, due to the need to survive in this set-up of society made for us.

Somehow when you make that choice, the rest of whatever is needed is mysteriously taken care of from above by faith.

After analyzing everything, I figured, the best way to beat it

would be by not joining it again.

By not just doing whatever it takes so we can survive and make payments.

By not just striving for an illusion of success that doesn’t truly fulfill.

To live a purposeful life living and working in our true natural gifts. To share.

Trusting that if we fully align with true calling and purpose, all will be good and all will be taken care of.

To connect consciously with ourselves, our creator and with all of humanity.

Committing to no longer living to spend time just working for money.

Committing to no longer wasting time on things that are not going towards building a new future.      

I wanted to make sure that I was going to commit and invest the rest of my life and time wisely, 

working consciously connecting and living-out true natural gifts and purposes.

Rethinking, reevaluating, and reflecting on all these things from this Crisis,

the Corona Virus Covid-19 quarantine experiment has manifested into a reality.

Max La Vida was born. Translated – Maximize your Life.

I will now be doing my part by living-out and sharing information and knowledge on how I’ve made it through from maximizing potentials in life

and assisting with step by step tutorial journals on how to get to this point.

I will be writing, speaking and sharing loads of valuable real-life chronicles.

I’ve obtained a wealth of knowledge and can offer great value from the multiple experiences in life, different businesses created, 

personal challenges from inspirational upbringings in life, and success stories of how you can come up and out from feeling buried or trapped.

I’ll share in more detail in the later chapter’s on all the lessons learned from those journeys

along with sharing vital current information and knowledge extensively researched from secret hidden opportunities to mental development and

what we can do or how we can do together in these strange new times. 

This is the first of many new blogs to come and future episodes.

Stay connected, stay tuned and get connected consciously.

Welcome to the birth of Max La Vida – Maximizing Life.  

“Chronicles of Maximizing Potentials in Life”

“The Light is On”

Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life

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